The award season continued this past week with the release of the Oscar nominations, most notably, the new film Selma that tells the story of civil rights activists leading up to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Although Selma did receive the nomination for Best Picture, many people have expressed their disbelief at the fact that director Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelow, who played Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., were snubbed in their respective categories. This discontent has fueled fires of injustice and people are saying that the upcoming Oscars will be the “whitest” since 1998, according to Twitter and the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.

According to a Jan. 15 Huffington Post article, David Daniel from CNN tweeted about the nominees: “No female directors, screenwriters, or cinematographers. No actors of color. #diversity.” Whether the Academy is to blame is still in question, but the nominee selection indicates the existing inequalities that persist in the film industry.

In other film news, American Sniper broke box office records this past weekend with over $90 million in sales on its opening weekend.

The film now holds the record for top-grossing film premiering in January, which is usually a slow month that does not garner huge box office sales. The film has received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor for Bradley Cooper, who played protagonist Chris Kyle.

On the small screen, Fox is rumored to be considering reviving some old television favorites, such as The X-Files, Prison Break and 24. Don’t get too excited—the reports are not actually confirmed—but Fox executives have been in serious talks with The X-Files show creator Chris Carter.

According to Time Entertainment, actors’ schedules are a determining factor if a show can come back on air, so we’ll have wait and see!

Rumors are circling pop sensation Beyoncé as people wonder if she is once again expecting. The rumors stem from a photo posted on Instagram, in which Beyoncé is pictured buried in sand with an obvious pseudo-baby bump made of sand.

Queen Bey also posted photos of herself in a one-piece bathing suit, further fueling the rumors. Michelle Williams denied the rumors when she appeared on The View and Beyonce was recently spotted drinking something that looked a lot like champagne.

Looking ahead, Frozen star Idina Menzel is slated to sing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, Feb. 1. After Menzel, John Legend will perform “America The Beautiful,” all before the game even begins. We’ve already known that pop singer Katy Perry will headline the half-time show with a little help from Lenny Kravitz. These star-packed performances are just an extra reason to tune in, especially because Boston’s own Patriots are playing.

In other music news, Crosby, Stills & Nash drummer Dallas W. Taylor passed away this past Sunday at the age of 66. The rock and roll artist is best known for his work with Crosby, Stills & Nash, including his performance on several of their albums and at Woodstock in 1969. According to People magazine, Taylor became an alcohol and drug interventionist later in life, working with both troubled teens and adults dealing with drug and alcohol abuse.