Last Thursday, the Campus Card Office announced a new meal period schedule in an email to the student body. While the old policy had three meal periods per day, the new policy has five—breakfast, continental breakfast, lunch, limited lunch and dinner.

In the email, Campus Card Office Director Muriel Bolio and Campus Card Office staff member Maggie Harris wrote that the decision to increase the meal periods was made to allow students more flexibility and freedom with meal times. Bolio and Harris did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

“In response to student requests to find a better way to get the most use of your meal plan, Sodexo and Brandeis have worked together to come up with a solution,” the email read. 

Additionally, the Campus Card Office website notes that the change was triggered by a high volume of student responses to dining options.

“Until this semester, students were always held to 3 meal periods per day. This lead to many complaints and discussions on how to change this rule,” the website reads. 

“Finally Brandeis and Dining Services have been able to come up with a plan that will make using your meals easier.”

Benjamin Jarrett ’18 said in an interview with the Justice that he appreciated the new time frames, as they help him fit meals more easily into his day.

“[The new schedule] allows me to eat more often during the day,” Jarrett said. “If I have to catch an early lunch I can do it, especially if I’m between classes, which tends to happen nowadays. Same goes in the afternoon; if I have to catch an early dinner I can do it ... [The new periods] just work better for my schedule.”

This recent change is one of many that the University and Sodexo have made since Sodexo’s arrival on campus in fall 2013. Last semester, the University saw protests over Sodexo’s treatment of its employees and irate Facebook posts about meal plans on the Brandeis parents’ page and others, two factors that led to the installation of a take-three plan with the Hoot Market and bi-monthly Student Union dining forums. 

Yet despite the many recent protests and complaints against Sodexo and the University’s meal plans, Jarrett said he views the meal period changes as a sign the dining options at Brandeis are continuing to improve.

“It seems to me like [the new periods are] an act of relationship [between Sodexo and the University],” he said.

 “It looks as if they’re trying to work together to make our experience in the lunch halls better and much more efficient for everyone, and overall I have no issues with what’s going on. They seem to be doing a great job, and hopefully they continue to progress in the direction they’re going.”