In the Senate Log, Senator-at-Large Brian Hough’s ’17 last name was spelled incorrectly. (Nov. 18, pg. 2)

In a News Article, University Librarian, Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer John Unsworth was quoted as stating “cut off our nose despite our face,” when in fact he said “cut off our nose to spite our face.” (Nov. 18, pg. 3)

A Features article stated that Yaakov Malomet ’15, Talia Lepson ’16 and Zachary Anziska ‘16 are J Street U Brandeis co-presidents, when in fact Malomet and Anziska are co-presidents, and Lepson is the vice president. The article also stated that co-sponsors included Brandeis Divestment Campaign, Hillel at Brandeis, Poverty Action Coalition and Brandeis Libertarians. It should be noted that the list of co-sponsors for Turn on the Tap for Gaza is as follows: Hillel at Brandeis, Brandeis Zionist Alliance, Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee, Brandeis Visions for Israel in an Evolving World, Poverty Action Coalition, Brandeis Libertarians, Brandeis Climate Justice, Brandeis Muslim Students Association, Brandeis University and Al-Quds University Student Dialogue Initiative and Amnesty International at Brandeis University. (Nov. 18, pg. 8)

 In an Arts article, the Spring Awakening choreographer and lighting director were not identified. The choreographer was Sarai Warsoff ’16 and the lighting director was Danny Steinberg ’15. (Nov. 18. 7, pg. 21)

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