• A News article incorrectly identified Ava Blustein as a member of the Class of 2016. She is, in fact, a member of the Class of 2015. (Nov. 4, pg. 1)
  • A News article listed StandWithUs as a co-sponsor of Kay Wilson’s talk, but they are actually sponsoring her tour. The Zionist Organization of America was also a co-sponsor of the Brandeis event. (Nov. 4, pg. 3)
  • A News article identified William J. Leahy as an adjunct professor when he is actually a former adjunct professor. (Nov. 4, pg. 5)
  • A Features photo caption misidentified two professors’ departments. Prof. Emily Westover is actually in the Biochemistry department and Prof. Hollie Harder is actually in the department of Romance Studies. (Nov. 4, pg. 9)
  • The Arts Pop Culture column said that the Marvel Studios schedule was released through 2018, but it was actually released through 2019. (Nov. 4, pg. 18)
  • An Arts headline incorrectly spelled Mikko Nissinen’s name. (Nov. 4, pg. 23)
  • An Arts article incorrectly called Taylor Swift’s new song “You R in Love,” but it is actually called “You Are in Love.” (Nov. 4, pg. 23)

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