The Office of Human Resources sent out an email on Sept. 26 to remind University staff and faculty of a required sexual harassment training program that they must all complete.

According to the email, the training is composed of two parts: the first part is an online Title IX training and the second an in-person training.

The online training became accessible the week of Sept. 29, while the in-person training will take place later this fall, the email stated. A specific date for the in-person training was not provided in the email.

Neither Vice President for Human Resources Scot Bemis nor Executive Director for Integrated Media Bill Schaller responded by press time to address questions on why the trainings are being held and who is holding the trainings.

According to the email, the University Advisory Council Subcommittee on Sexual Violence and the Faculty Senate will be discussing implementation of the recommendations of the faculty report on sexual violence that they commissioned.

According to a Nov. 1, 2013 Faculty Senate report from Prof. Bernadette Brooten (NEJS) regarding the UAC Subcommittee on Sexual Violence, the subcommittee was looking to address questions as to whether or not faculty members should be required to report instances of sexual violence.

In addition, there was a question regarding whether the reporting structure should begin through the Psychological Counseling Center or the Department of Public Safety.

In the meeting minutes, which are posted on the University’s website, an Oct. 26, 2013 letter that Brooten wrote is included, which states that she hopes the Faculty Senate will promote education and discussion on the topic of sexual harassment.

“As faculty members, we have multiple interests: we need to ensure full academic freedom; we need to advocate for our students’ right to an environment free of harassment; and we need to ensure that grievance procedures are fair to both parties,” wrote Brooten.

“University policies will only be effective if they are widely known, understood, and agreed to by the faculty,” the letter continued.

The UAC Subcommittee on Sexual Violence was created in February 2013 “to examine Brandeis’s policies concerning sexual violence and their implementation,” and delivered its report to Provost Steve Goldstein ’78 and the Faculty Senate in June, according to Brooten in an email to the Justice. Although the recommendations are not publicly available, they will be consider by the UAC and the Faculty Senate, according to Brooten.