On Sept. 24, the Student Union revealed the results of its special election. Out of the six vacant positions, four were filled—the Class of 2016 senator, Ziv Quad senator, Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program senator and the Ridgewood Quad senator.

Meher Irani, who was elected to the position of Class of 2016 senator, wrote in an email to the Justice that she ran for the position as a “way of giving [back] to her class.”

She wrote that she and the other Class of 2016 senator, Nyah Macklin, who was elected at the end of the 2013 to 2014 academic year, will work together to complete many longstanding goals, including extending Starbucks hours and adding more BranVan shuttles to campus, as well as increasing the frequency of BranVan shuttle runs.

Irani wants to improve the BranVan, not only to make it more efficient for students who need to get places, but also to “open up more shifts for students looking to drive the BranVan.”

Dor Cohen ’16 was elected to fill the position of Ziv Quad senator and wrote in an email to the Justice that he is excited to “help make Ziv Quad one of the best ones on campus.”

His proposed initiatives include creating a quad-wide Facebook page to increase communication between residents, putting together quad-wide events and working with the Department of Community Living and Facilities to “ensure that Ziv 127 and 128 will be renovated as soon as possible.”

Brad Burns ’15 was elected to fill the position of Ridgewood Quad senator. Burns wrote in an email to the Justice that he is “excited to have the chance to serve the Brandeis community in this capacity.”

He said that his goals as Ridgewood Quad senator include working to improve ’Deis Day, getting clubs to “work more closely with the Union and each other” and ensuring that Student Union initiatives are beneficial and important to the community as a whole.

Ruth Messele won the position of MKTYP senator. Messelle did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

Write-in “Mod Cat” beat the “abstain” option and won the position of Mods senator, while the Village senator vote ended in a tie with no clear winner.

Student Union Secretary Charlotte Franco ’15 said in an interview with the Justice that elections for these two positions will be held this week.