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According to Vice President for Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel in an email to the Justice, the student who reportedly made threats has been "in a secured location under supervision since being removed from campus." The University administration is "closely monitoring the situation with all of those involved, and we understand that this individual will remain in protective custody for the foreseeable future. The student is barred from campus and will not be permitted to return while any of the involved students remain enrolled," he wrote.

Six female students received threats from a male student after allegedly rejecting his advances.

One of the female students who wishes to remain anonymous due to personal safety concerns, said that she does not know whether or not the male student will be returning to campus in the future, though a no-trespass order against the male student remains in effect.

On Sept. 16, Director of Public Safety Edward Callahan sent out an email to the Brandeis community advising students of the incident. According to the email, the University has been in touch with the students who were threatened, both “to explain how we are responding to this information” and “to offer them our support.”

According to the University Police’s report from the week of Sept. 22, which was obtained by the Justice, University Police interviewed the six female students with members of the Dean of Students office at 3 p.m. that day regarding potential threats made by a male student. The REPORT stated that the threats were reported to the University by a third-party source.

The anonymous student told the Justice that the threats were “unexpected.” “I really didn’t know him. I really didn’t have any connection with him. This was really out of the blue,” she said.

The student said that she received a message from him—asking if she would like to go somewhere—which she said she ignored because she did not know him very well. She said that she was surprised to have been called to the dean’s office to be informed of this threat against her, given her limited interaction with the male student. “I think that’s the most scary thing. I don’t know how he’s gonna feel two, three years from now. He’s just randomly gonna see me on the street and be like, ‘That’s the girl I want to hurt,’” she said.

Callahan’s email continued on to say that University Police have issued a no-trespass order against the male student, and that the Waltham Police Department had been advised.

The student is not allowed on campus at this time. Callahan could not comment on the student’s whereabouts.

“There is no reason to believe there is any danger to campus at this time and we will continue to monitor this situation,” he wrote.

The anonymous student said that, as far as she is aware, the male student is currently in a hospital.

She said that she is unaware of where he will go once he is released and that she is unsure of whether or not he will be returning to the University at any point, which “is really scary,” she said. “I would like to think that they would not allow him to come back.”

She said that she no longer walks or runs alone at night on campus and expressed general concern regarding her relationships and wellbeing. “I’m already cautious with people. I think I’m going to be even more cautious,” she said.

She said that overall, however, she does feel safe. The student noted that she is always surrounded by others, and that the University has offered support and services, such as escorts, in case she or the other female students feel unsafe.

In addition, she said that the University has been in contact with her frequently to inform her of changes or new information in the case.

She specifically mentioned University Police Detective Sergeant Dana Kelley and Associate Dean of Student Life Maggie Balch.

The female student said that although she understands that this male student is subject to privacy protections, she wishes that the University would have been more open about the situation and disclosed more information about what occurred.

She noted that no students who were not among the six females or close friends and family know who this male student is, or that he is not supposed to be on campus.

The female student said that a lawyer is currently involved, although she is not aware of the specifics of how the case will proceed.