On Thursday, Brandeis students voted on two empty seats in the Student Union and elected two new senators to the Student Union Senate. This was the second special election held in order to fill the seats.

Kira Setren ’15 was elected as the Foster Mods Senator. In the previous election, the write-in option of “Mod Cat” won the election; no individuals ran in the previous election for Mods Senator.

Setren wrote in an email interview with the Justice that she believes the Mods “have always been emblematic of a connected senior community,” and that she wants the Class of 2015 to have the same opportunity as previous classes to connect with each other.

Her goals, Setren wrote, include fostering community and improving safety and comfort through additional interior renovations. Setren also noted that she wants to advocate for improvements to the crosswalk on South Street.

As a member of the greater Student Union, Setren’s goals include “lessening Brandeis’s environmental impact, improving student dining and re-evaluating funding decisions” to better address the needs of students, among others.

Shereen Undavia ’17 was elected as the Village Senator.

Undavia wrote in an email to the Justice that she was always “very interested in getting involved with the community, and running for Village Senator seemed like a great way to be involved” and support the community.

She further wrote about her hope to “make the Village a little more social and strengthen the bond” of community through additional community bonding events for the quad.