A University security officer was transported to the hospital on Aug. 5 after a Tupperware container on a stovetop melted and created a significant amount of smoke in Pomerantz Hall.

The security officer was exposed to a moderate amount of smoke after a University staff member accidently melted a Tupperware container on a stovetop.

 The University staff member, who lives on the dorm’s first floor, placed the container on the stovetop and accidently turned on the wrong burner.

According to Executive Director of Integrated Media Bill Schaller in an Aug. 5 Boston Globe article, the Tupperware container produced only smoke. Waltham Fire Department responded to the scene at 8:15 a.m., where Waltham Fire Lt. Scott Perry observed a “moderate smoke condition,” according to the Globe article.

The University staff member who accidently melted the Tupperware container was evaluated on the scene for smoke inhalation. The staff member, however, was not taken to the hospital.

The University security officer was evaluated on site for smoke inhalation, headache and shortness of breath and then transported to the hospital for treatment.

The security officer was treated at an undisclosed local hospital and subsequently released later that day.

Firefighters used fans to remove the smoke from the residence hall, and no lasting damage was caused by the accident.