Alex Thomson ’15 has vacated the position of senior representative to the Board of Trustees. The vacancy was corroborated in a Sept. 3 email to the Brandeis community from Student Union President Sneha Walia ’15, urging students who wanted to run for the position to attend a mandatory meeting on Sept. 3.

Thomson wrote in an email to the Justice that, because he will be graduating in December, “I feel that it is best for the student body to have a representative who can best serve them for an entire year, rather than have two individuals representing them to the Board each semester.”

He added that serving for both semesters is especially important due to the significance of working relationships with the Board of Trustees.

“I want to ensure that the new representative will have ample opportunity to connect with other Trustees and raise issues of concern to students in an effective and lasting way,” Thomson wrote. “I am resigning to give another student the opportunity to serve for the full year.”

The senior representative to the Board of Trustees acts as a student representative on the Board of Trustees. Student representatives, however, are not Trustees and do not vote on matters before the Board of Trustees, according to the bylaws.

Mohamed Sidique ’ 15 will be running for the position unopposed on Thursday.