This week, the Student Union Senate heard proposals from three clubs—two seeking name and constitution changes and one seeking recognition and chartering.

First, all of the newly elected senators, including residence and Class of 2018 senators, were sworn in by Student Union president Sneha Walia ’15.

The meeting officially began with Brandeis Sephardic Initiative, which was seeking approval to change its name to Brandeis Organization of Sephardic Students. Along with the name change, the club was seeking approval to make changes to its constitution, notably specifying the duties for specific executive board positions. The name change and amendments to the constitution were unanimously approved by the Senate.

Philosophy Club, a new club on campus, was seeking recognition and charter from the Senate. As a club, they aim to create a formal environment outside of the classroom in which students can intellectually discuss questions of philosophy. The club was recognized, with 15 members approving the recognition and one abstaining. The club was not chartered. The Senate noted that they wanted to make sure that there is sufficient interest from students before they charter the club. Additionally, they pointed out that it has been their recent practice to see if a club will survive without chartering for a few months before chartering it.

Lastly, the Senate heard from the Deis 3-D Printing Club, which was seeking to change its name to Deis3-D, as well as make changes to its constitution. The new constitution included a few new positions on the executive board. The new constitution also split the position of treasurer and secretary—formerly one single position—into two separate positions. The name change, along with the changes to the constitution, were unanimously approved by the Senate.

The Senate is currently interviewing interested senators to operate as chairs of various committees. The committees are social justice and diversity, sustainability, dining, club support, services and outreach, ways and means, sustainability and campus operations working group.

—River Heisler