On Friday, Director of Student Rights and Community Standards Dean Gendron finished out his 10th and final year of service at the University.

Gendron has accepted a position at Amherst College, where he will serve as an assistant dean of students. “The nature of the role will allow me to continue my interactions with brilliant young scholars in the context of community standards, ethics and a culture of respect,” Gendron wrote in an email addressed to faculty and students with whom he worked closely, which he shared with the Justice. He also wrote that at Amherst he will continue his work to reduce and respond to interpersonal violence.

“At Brandeis we have championed fairness and empathy, transparency and honesty,” Gendron continued. “I hope to take your advice and counsel with me always.” Over his 10 years at Brandeis, Gendron also served as associate director for residence education and acted as the interim co-director of residence life.

Dean of Student Life Jamele Adams wrote in an email to the Justice that “Dean Gendron was a credit to our family and he served us well.” He added that “[t]he history of professionals serving in that position…has been filled with people whom have loved our student and served with a passion for student development.”

Adams also wrote that there will be a search to fill the position of director of student rights and community standards but that in the meantime, “there may be an interim director selected.” He also wrote that he does not anticipate any delay in the administration processes as the Student Life Team from the Dean of Students office “provide[s] support and insight to meet any present demands typically met by the Director for SRCS.”

Adams concluded his email with the thought that the Brandeis community “wish[es] Dean well and celebrate[s] his legacy.”