On May 8, Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan sent out an email to the student body informing about parking restrictions over the summer as Schwartz Hall and Lemberg Hall are renovated.

The email said that the construction will start on May 19 and will run through October. 

According to the Assistant Project Manager at Facilities Services Casey Russo in an email to the Justice, the construction will be restricted to the two halls and will not extend to the Brown Social Science Center. 

Russo also wrote that neither construction project will interfere with fall classes, as the renovation of Schwartz Hall will end before the first day of classes on Aug. 28, significantly ahead of the general date given on the original email. 

The construction of office space at Lemberg Hall would have no impact on classes regardless, according to Russo, due to its peripheral location on campus. The completion of the renovated Lemberg Hall is anticipated to be in October, as the original email stated.

Russo’s email also stated that the Lemberg Children’s Center will move into its new building on June 7, and will open on June 10. 

The later dates for the renovations to Lemberg Hall are due to the fact that the construction will wait until the children’s center has moved out.

Once Lemberg Hall is completed, the Crown Center for Middle East Studies will move into the office space. Although the hall is expected to be completed in October, the center is planning to host its open house for the department on Sept. 4.