Over 50 children sat on blankets on the floor of the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium on Friday afternoon, watching eagerly as Bonnie Duncan performed her self-written one-woman puppet show: Squirrel Stole My Underpants.

The public atmosphere of the bustling atrium allowed students, faculty and visitors passing by to catch snip- pets of the lively, funny and slightly silly show in between lunch or classes. Students from the Lemberg Children's Center were also invited to attend, adding energy to the atrium.

As for the show's plot, it is nicely summed up in the name of the performance. Squirrel Stole My Underpants revolves around a deviant squirrel who sneakily runs off with a pair of large pink underwear he finds hanging on a clothes line. The human protagonist, Sylvie, follows the squirrel to a strange and magical land where shirts on clothes lines are personified and where music boxes ease the listener into a deep sleep. Duncan played both the part of the squirrel and of Sylvie by separating her body into two distinctly different characters that, at times, were able to convincingly interact with each other.

The entire show, except one off- stage line at the beginning, was performed completely in mime and accompanied by a soundtrack that provided musical supplement, as well as sound effects. The only other sounds were the children in the audience laughing hysterically as Duncan used her incredible miming techniques to create a detailed plot over- flowing with slapstick humor.

After the show, Duncan engaged with the young Lemberg Children's Center students in an educational discussion about miming and puppetry-she walked the children through using their hands as pup- pets, and demonstrated easy miming techniques.

A very playful and extremely entertaining show, Squirrel Stole My Underpants was enjoyable for students of all ages and provided a way for Brandeis students to relax in the last few days before finals.