The Justice League held three events from April 28 to April 30 hosting Brandeis alumni Andrew Slack '02, Aaron Voldman '09, Sam Vaghar '08, Joshua Kahn Russell '06 and Jay Mandel '80, all of whom spoke about activism and met with and greeted current students. According to its website, the Justice League is a campus group of activist students "standing up for our rights, standing up for Social Justice, standing up for the Brandeis that inspires us."

Thursday night, the Justice League brought Slack who is the creator, co-founder, and executive director of the Harry Potter Alliance, a nonprofit organization, that according to its website, advocates human rights and equality. According to Justice League members and event coordinators Jenny Lau '14 and Liz Soolkin '14, Slack spoke in the Castle Commons about his organization, his time at Brandeis and about the Justice League itself.

According to Soolkin, about 15 people attended Thursday's event, many of whom, said Lau, were first-years.

"It was a very intimate event," said Soolkin. Lau said that Slack also connected with students who were interested in internships with HPA.

According to Soolkin and Lau, Friday's event featured Executive Director of the Student Peace Alliance Aaron Voldman '09 and Managing Director of the Millennium Campus Network Sam Vaghar '08, who spoke on their experiences and their current work. According to Soolkin and Lau, fewer people attended Friday's event, but Soolkin said that "it was definitely not quiet."

On Saturday, Russell, who according to Soolkin is very involved in climate issues, and Mandel, who is involved in the Peace Circle and the Peace Room according to Sahar Massachi '11 of the Justice League, spoke on their experiences at Brandeis and their current work. According to Soolkin and Lau, about 15 people attended that event as well.

"It was really interesting to see the difference in their Brandeis experiences," said Soolkin. Lau said it was great to see activists of different generations speak together.

Soolkin also said that all the events were very inspirational and that it was great to see alumni interacting with students and each other.

"It taught me how to become a better activist," said Lau.

Soolkin and Lau said that Massachi had told them about the alumni and had already been in contact with them, and contacted one alumnus but later decided to expand the event into a weekend of events. According to Soolkin and Lau, the alumni all wanted to return to the University to speak with current students.