At the Nov. 21 Student Union Senate meeting, the Senate unanimously agreed to support a letter in response to the upcoming protest by the Westboro Baptist Church. Members of the church are scheduled to protest Brandeis Hillel on Dec. 3. Sahar Massachi '11 said at the meeting that he is coordinating with many student leaders to organize a day of activities that will unite the community. Events such as a fundraiser and a Harry Potter-themed Hillel dinner will focus on the theme of building a united campus.

The open letter supported by the Senate said, "The soul of Brandeis is found in our common values, including the need to stand strong against hatred and bigotry. ... These values compel us to affirm our support for Hillel and all of the Brandeis family under attack from the intolerant."

Union President Daniel Acheampong '11 added that the protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church will not be allowed on campus. Acheampong said he is coordinating protest efforts with the Department of Public Safety.

The Senate tabled a Senate Money Resolution proposed by Off Campus Senator Evyn Rabinowitz '12 that requested $218.45 for a meet-and-greet event for students who live off campus.

The senators also reported that they are busy preparing for the Midnight Buffet and selling Turkey Shuttle tickets.

Senator for the Class of 2011 Michael Newborn said that he explored the possibility of having the BranVan make stops at Riverside but that this will not be possible at the moment because of BranVan contract issues. Additionally, Newborn met with Rabbi Levy Zirkind, the Supervisor of Kashrut, and was informed that Einstein Bros. Bagels cannot receive kosher certification because the Asiago bagel that the store is contractually obligated to sell is not kosher.