Correction appendedThe first round of the Student Union election results were announced today after the elections were rescheduled to open at midnight Sunday due to technical difficulties with the polling system, according to Student Union Secretary Diana Aronin '11.

Brendan Fradkin and Jackie Saffir won the seats for Class of 2012 senator and Class of 2010 senator, respectively.

Abergel Ruben, Jonah Cohen, Todd Kirkland and Nathan Koskella will continue to the final round of the elections for Class of 2013 senator, as only two positions are available.

Another round of voting takes place when any candidate does not receive 50 percent of the total votes for the position.

Beneva Davis '13 is the senator-at-large.

Linda Li '13, Andrea Ortega '13 and Mark Trilling '12 won the senator seats for Massell Quad, North Quad and the Castle, respectively.

Yakov Israel '12 and David Wayne '12, who both recieved 9 votes each, will participate in another round of voting for the one seat available for Rosenthal Quad senator.

Ziv Quad and Ridgewood senators are Ryan Fanning '11 and Beau Bonness '11, respectively.

Marcela Dodi won the seat for TYP senator, and Jordan Caruso '11 for off campus senator.

The highest percentage of voters, at 56.23 percent, participated in the Class of 2013 senator election.

The lowest, at 4.10 percent, participated in the off-campus senator election.

Union President Andy Hogan '11 said the number of participants in the elections was expected.

"I think we always kind of round off at 30 percent," he said.

Hogan added that the postponement of the elections may have affected the number of participants.

"The percentage of the underclassmen especially freshman voters is very high and is actually very exciting. It shows that the freshman class is really excited to get involved," Hogan said.

Successful candidates will be sworn in at a special Senate meeting on Wednesday. Final rounds will open at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 24, according to Aronin.

Election winners and candidates could not be reached for comment by press time.

The Union elections, originally scheduled to begin Thursday, Sept. 15, were rescheduled on Thursday Sept. 24. Problems arose immediately before the elections so that the candidates were not listed properly on the poll Web site, according to an e-mail to the Justice from Student Union President Andy Hogan '11. Elections could not continue before the problem was rectified, Hogan wrote.

A third party outside of Brandeis runs the polls; as a result, the system does not automatically include the candidates' names, Hogan wrote. He added that Brandeis' Library and Technical Services is responsible for incorporating the candidates into the polls.

However, "due to a miscommunication, LTS was not given enough time to populate the lists. That is what needs to be done and should be done by Monday. Our contact at LTS is going to be working during the weekend to make sure that the polls are properly populated," wrote Hogan in his e-mail.

The Student Union's Web site directs voters to for elections, which describes itself as a company that "excels with difficult and complex high security online voting and elections" on its Web site.

Candidates were not informed of the specific problems involved in the elections postponement, although they received an e-mail from Aronin last Wednesday, letting them know that elections would not be held as scheduled. Aronin wrote in the e-mail, "I am being forced to post pone the elections because of some technical difficulties."

The student body was also not informed by the Union that the elections would be postponed. "The reason there was no all-campus email was because we were not positive when the polls were going to be populated. We have been working closely with LTS to set a timeline and it wasn't confirmed until very recently. . Because we did not know the final details, we did not want to send an email with incomplete or false information," wrote Hogan in his e-mail.

"I don't have any specific knowledge of the technical difficulties involved with the elections," wrote Brendan Fradkin '12, candidate to be senator for the Class of 2012 in an e-mail to the Justice.

"It bothered me," said Mark Trilling '12, who is running to be the senator for the Castle. "I was ready to go and ready to get the results this weekend."

"I had no clue it was being postponed," said Jeremy Goldenberg '11 in an interview with the Justice. "Who really knows what's happening except for the few who are into the Student Union?"

-Nashrah Rahman contributed reporting

Correction: One senator was omitted from the list of candidates who won. Leigh Nusbaum '11 is the new Village quad senator.