To the Editor:I would like to respond to Sahar Massachi's '11 comments on that were printed in the Justice ("Brooks files injunction following election," April 29 issue).

Massachi wrote: "Andrew Brooks '09 and Justin Sulsky '09] are the embodiment of those people who 'treat Student Union Senate as Mock Government Club.' They are simply self-interested roadblocks to progress."

That comment greatly hurt me because during my time as Ziv Quad Senator and a member of several University committees since my first year here, I have been working incredibly hard to bring tangible changes to campus.

Every student politician talks about extending dining hours. As a first-year, I worked with then-Dining Chair Alison Schwartzbaum '08 and others to extend hours at the Boulevard until 10 p.m. on Fridays. This year, I worked with Dining Chair Jenna Brofsky '10 and others to extend the hours of weekend brunch at Usdan to 3 p.m.

If I am truly self-interested, then how come I spent many hours answering e-mails and Facebook messages from first-years nervous and confused about the housing lottery?

I take on every role with seriousness and professionalism, no matter how large or small. During my time here, I have corrected dark areas of campus and implemented several popular dining items, such as lox at Einstein Bros. Bagels and hot dogs at the Boulevard. I worked with the Ziv-Village Quad Council to plan low-key events that drew a lot of students who might not otherwise have participated in campus events.

As I said when I first ran for Ziv Senator, I care. If I didn't genuinely care about other students, then I would not have continued to campaign so hard in the face of constant bashing by students who never met me before.

I am so thankful that Brandeis students ignored the trash and chose to elect me senator-at-large, and I would like to encourage students to get in touch with me over the summer to give me some project ideas for next year.

-Justin Sulsky '09