To the Editor:I am the attorney in New York who has brought suit against the Judge Rotenberg Center for the abuse and torture of children in Massachusetts ("Club fights electric shock therapy, Sept. 25 issue). I am pleased that an organization has recognized the fact that the school is operating as a laboratory using a device that has not been approved or even recognized by peer review or any expert anywhere. Children have allegedly been badly burned by the use of the device, and males have reportedly shocked in their testicles because of the misapplication of the GED. Ouch! Those who inflict the electrical voltage into the bodies of youngsters do so with two weeks of training, and youngsters are being shocked while tied down to a board.

Only in Massachusetts could this occur. The Massachusetts public officials have turned their backs on this activity, and your actions will be beneficial in letting some of them know they WILL NOT be re-elected. One of your senators has a relative at the Center, and he is letting his personal beliefs take precedent over his responsibility to the public. I, for one, am available to support any effort to stop criminality in Canton, Mass.

-Kenneth Mollins

New York

The writer is the attorney representing Antoine Nicholson in a suit against the Judge Rotenberg Center.