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Aaron Fried


Wage laws are more of a political trick than actual help

There have been several recent campaigns to raise the minimum wage across the country. President Barack Obama and the Democrats proposed to increase the federal minimum wage, fast food workers have held protests in cities to boost their wage to $15 per hour and there have been several scattered attempts to institute a minimum wage for tipped workers, such as drivers and waiters. In every case, the crux of the argument in favor of increasing the minimum wage is, in essence, the same: people are not being paid as much as they should be, so the government must intervene and force employers to pay more. Many minimum wage supporters hold that tipped workers are the most egregiously exploited by their employers.

Proper diversity is based on ideas, not race

Diversity, by its nature, is often found at the center of many hot-button issues. Recent Supreme Court cases, criminal controversies, and political posturing have boldly redrawn racial dividing lines between people, forcing diversity-related issues to the forefront yet again.

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