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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | Last updated: 2:11am


<p>AWARD WINNERS: Sundeis gave out awards for best film in various different genres.</p>

Sundeis Film Festival showcases student work

Interview: Gabe Walker '19 and Tres Fimmano '18

<p>PREACHING TO THE CHOIR: Ren (Justin Chimoff ’20) uses bible verse to convince Reverend Moore (Bryan McNamara ’19) that dancing is not a sin.</p>

‘Footloose’ is energetic and exciting

Lots of Latex, limbs and laughs

<p>‘TAKING AGES’: Andrew Agress’s ’17 thesis told a humorous misremembered history from the perspective of a future historian.</p>

Senior theses shine with vibrant ideas

<p>SPICING IT UP WITH SAX: Masego wowed the crowd with innovative music, specifically including the saxophone in their work.</p>

Jai Wolf puts a fresh spin on EDM

<p>TWINNING TEAMMATES: Ester (center, Sophia Massidda ’20) and Amy (right, Patricia Cordischi ’18) talk in the locker room before swim team practice.</p>

‘Dry Land’ treats sensitive issues with finesse

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