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Address police violence against people with mental illness

Alexander Mitchell
(12/09/14 3:08am)

In the wake of the violent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, as well as the decisions of two independent grand juries to indict neither Officer Darren Wilson nor Daniel Pantaleo, the country has begun a long overdue conversation about the relationship between police and black Americans.People across the country have taken to the streets in protest, as well as to Twitter and Facebook with the common hashtag, #alllivesmatter.

Keystone XL pipeline represents victory for lobbyists

Aaron Dvorkin
(01/13/15 1:04am)

Last Friday, congressional Republicans doubled down on their criticism of the Obama administration’s unwillingness to support the Keystone XL Pipeline project following the Nebraska Supreme Court’s clearance. Republican leaders have stated that gaining approval for the pipeline—which would stretch from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska (en route to Texas and the Gulf of Mexico)—is one of their main goals for the final two years of Obama’s term. However, the expected impact of the pipeline on our country is underwhelming considering the extent to which the proposal has been hyped by Republicans.