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Volunteer tourism fails to truly aid foreign countries

Christa Caggiano
(09/30/14 10:15am)

In the age of British imperialism, Rudyard Kipling wrote his famous poem “The White Man’s Burden,” which starts with the lines, “Take up the White Man’s burden?/Send forth the best ye breed?/Go bind your sons to exile/To serve your captives’ need.” Whether you perceive this poem to be satirical or serious, the words echo true today, in a new guise.

Evaluate differing narratives in Israeli-Palestinian discourse

Shani Abramowitz
(10/07/14 12:17am)

Last week, on Wednesday, Oct. 1, J Street U Brandeis hosted its third event of the semester, “Non-Violence Amid Violent Conflict: A Conversation with Ali Abu Awwad.” Awwad is a leading nonviolent Palestinian activist and member of the Parents Circle Families Forum, an organization that brings together Israelis and Palestinians who have lost family members to the violence of the conflict.

Recognize and evaluate hidden dangers of structural racism

Kahlil Oppenheimer
(10/14/14 12:38am)

This past summer my three-year-old nephew told me, “I don’t want to become any darker, I just want to stay white.” His father is white and his mother is black, so his skin was very light when he was born and has only recently started to get darker.I love my nephew, but when he said this, I couldn’t help but feel shocked, angry, and sad.