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Alleviate local poverty through voluntary University tax payments

Max Moran
(09/27/14 5:19pm)

A few weeks ago, I went to a stand-up comedy show with my cousin Josh. As we were talking on the car ride home, he stumbled upon what I think might be the most simple way to combat municipal poverty that I have ever heard, as well as a truly brilliant public relations strategy for whatever school is crazy enough to try it.

Defending Israelis from terror justifies war in Gaza

Miriam Fink and David Schwartz
(09/29/14 8:40pm)

Every sovereign nation has not only the right but also the obligation to defend its citizens. Israel, a sovereign state, invoked this right and obligation in July with Operation Protective Edge, a defensive military campaign with the goal of protecting Israelis who have been pounded by a barrage of rockets fired by the terrorist group Hamas which resides in Gaza and has members propagated all around the Middle East.