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Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Scholars for justice


(09/22/14 9:59pm)

The Ruderman Family Foundation sponsors scholars who are passionate about promoting rights for those with disabilities

History of motion


(09/22/14 10:14pm)

Newly appointed Profs Jasmine Johnson and Greg Childs research the history of black movement through dance and the African diaspora

Revolutionizing health care


(09/22/14 10:23pm)

Gabriel Malseptic MBA ’14 is the co-founder and COO of a mobile app that restructures student health care

Deepening American history


(09/24/14 8:34pm)

Alan Taylor Ph.D. ’86 wins his second Pulitzer Prize for an expansive study of war participation of Virginia slaves

Legendary Professor Passes


(09/27/14 4:57pm)

The late Prof. Emeritus Allen Grossman Ph.D. ’60 (ENG) leaves a monumental legacy

Kinship across barriers


(09/27/14 5:01pm)

Catie Stewart ’16 and Eli Philip ’15 built dialogue between Al-Quds and Brandeis students despite larger tensions

Novelist makes her debut


(09/29/14 8:49pm)

Nadia Hashimi ’00 publishes her first book, exploring the lives of Afghan women through a gender-bending cultural practice

Science majors overseas


(09/29/14 9:08pm)

Physics students travel to India to enrich research, and end up gaining spirituality

Trip down memory lane


(10/01/14 9:06pm)

Waltham Group volunteers participate in the Memory Café, a creative forum that hosts those suffering from memory loss

Segregation’s shadow


(10/01/14 9:21pm)

Justice Brandeis Semester students travel to Mississippi to research educational racial inequality, both past and present

Books, not rockets


(10/06/14 9:52pm)

It was July 2014 in the North End of Boston when Ohad Elhelo ’16 received devastating news from his home country of Israel.

Bringing lax back


(10/13/14 11:39pm)

In 2012, when Eric Haavind-Berman ’15 and James Hayward ’16 arrived on campus, Haavind-Berman as a transfer and Hayward as a first- year, they were disappointed to find that their favorite sport, lacrosse, did not have a club team.

An afternoon with the future provost


(10/13/14 11:46pm)

“This isn’t where I thought I was going to be, looking back just four months ago,” remarked Lisa Lynch, reflecting on her recent appointment to become the next University provost.

10 questions for Rani Neutill


(10/20/14 8:50pm)

Prof. Rani Neutill (ENG) was recently appointed the interim sexual assault services and prevention specialist, to take over the responsibilities of Shelia McMahon while McMahon is on leave.

Ease your mind


(10/20/14 11:06pm)

Brandeis students are more likely to be stressed, depressed or anxious than students from similarly sized universities across the nation, according to the National College Health assessment conducted last year.

A unified spectrum


(10/27/14 11:32pm)

Around this time last year, students from different LGBTQ+ groups across campus came together with a clear goal in mind: to create a Gender and Sexuality Center with a full-time program coordinator.

A day in Usdan


(10/27/14 11:35pm)

Sodexo has been quite the hot-button topic on campus as of late. Speculation as to how the company treats its workers as well as the changes to campus meal plan policies has sparked a passionate discourse regarding the company’s standing.

Fulfilling the promise


(11/03/14 9:12pm)

Prof. Dan Perlman’s (BIOL) new office has two desks and a beach ball-sized inflatable globe. Sunlight pours in from the huge windows that line the wall.