The Senate voted on two clubs and discussed new initiatives this Sunday.  The Senate voted in favor of chartering the Veg Club. Erin Gawronski ’18 and Siwar Mansour ’19 presented to the Senate on behalf of the Swim Club. The Swim Club seeks to provide an outlet for students to swim in a non-competitive environment. Gawronski, a former varsity swimmer and senior member of the Swim Club, said that the hardships of maintaining a student-athlete balance cause many people to quit the varsity swimming team. Class of 2019 Senator Benedikt Reynolds was concerned that the club would turn away people who did not know how to swim, to which Class of 2020 Senator Tal Richtman replied that the University already has an instruction program for those who do not know how to swim. Gawronski added that the club needs funding to hire lifeguards so it can increase the pool’s hours and hold practices. The Senate unanimously voted to provide the club with probationary club accreditation. 

Vice President Hannah Brown ’19  reported that the Sunday Alumni Board meeting had involved discussion on developing alumni relationships with faculty and alumni engagement at the Hiatt Career Center. Brown also reminded the Senate of the Free Speech Forum meeting next Monday and thanked the Senators who attended the “Meet the Union” event.

Services and Outreach Committee Chair Aaron Finkel ’20 said that one of the Turkey Shuttles is already sold out and that another is almost sold out. Finkel stated that the Senate was able to lower the price by $5 and that the committee may be adding additional shuttles, should sales continue to be successful. 

Dining Committee Chair Jonathan Chen ’20 reported that the committee’s dining survey received 170 responses.

Health and Safety Committee Chair Samantha Barrett ’20 stated that the committee discussed the problem of smoking on campus. The University has a policy that people must stay 30 feet away from buildings when smoking, but many do not follow that policy. Barrett emailed Ed Callahan about the possibility of the University investing in more signs.

Reynolds, who also chairs the Sustainability Committee, stated that the committee is working with the orientation team on creating a sustainability event during orientation. Reynolds also announced that the faculty have introduced an initiative to the committee to divest from fossil fuel corporations.

Richtman, who chairs the Club Support Committee, stated that the committee had a meeting regarding clubs that have a “duality of purpose” with other clubs. Richtman said he is still searching for a speaker for the Club Support workshop on Nov 9. 

Brown and Barrett stated that they attended a meeting for the Student Health Advisory Committee, which works to create a dialogue between students and the Health Center on ways to improve the Health Center. 

Richtman inquired about the ratio of washing machines and dryers to students to find out how many were needed. He also proposed that the Department of Community Living clean restrooms and kitchens at least once a week.

Class of 2021 Senator Rachel McAllister reported that in her poll, many people complained about the shortage of therapists at the Brandeis Counseling Center. Brown replied that the Executive Board is making an effort to rectify that this year. McAllister also requested more therapy dogs for finals. 

Myra Kraft Transitional Year Senator Agnes Nkansah ’21 spoke about the dining survey introduced by Chen, saying that she wanted to create postcards reminding students to take the survey so that their voices can be heard. 

Racial Minority Senator Hangil Ryu ’20 stated that he attended a meeting of the Brandeis Asian-American Task Force and scheduled a meeting for next Monday with Senator at Large Shaquan McDowell ’18 and Elias Rosenfeld ’20 to discuss their support statement for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals act.

Class of 2021 Senator Noah Nguyen requested that different payment methods be allowed in the Game Room.

Brown attended a seminar about revamping the UWS program. 

—Emily Blumenthal