Volunteers went trick-or-treating for canned and boxed goods around Waltham on Sunday to support the University’s annual Halloween for the Hungry food drive. 

Run through the Waltham Group’s Hunger and Homelessness Organization, the event saw student volunteers going door to door for canned and boxed foods, much in the spirit of Halloween.

To begin their two-hour shift, volunteers arrived in the Shapiro Residence Hall Lounge, where leaders from the Hunger and Homelessness Waltham Group and the food drive greeted them and gave instructions on what the day would entail. Coordinators distributed maps detailing where exactly each group should go to collect the food items. 

Food collected during the Halloween for the Hungry food drive was sent to the Middlesex Human Services Agency. The Middlesex Human Services Agency is a Waltham-based organization that, according to its website, “has maintained a steady focus addressing the effects of homelessness, substance abuse and hunger through 10 programs in the City of Boston and Metro Boston area.” The agency runs both men’s and women’s shelters, food pantries and soup kitchens.

Sunday’s event ran from noon to 6 p.m. and brought 59 volunteers together to help  combat hunger.

The event proved a success, as a total of over 2,600 food items were gathered in the collection. These items will go directly toward lessening the hunger of those in need in the Waltham area.

Additionally, Hunger and Homelessness runs an annual Spring Wellness Drive, which will take place next semester.

—Jen Geller