In an Oct. 30 email to Brandeis students faculty and staff, University President Ron Liebowitz announced the forthcoming research leave of Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel. This leave will begin after Thanksgiving. “My research fellowship begins in the coming weeks and continues through the end of June 2018,” Flagel said in an email to the Justice.

Flagel has been offered a senior research fellowship at the National Research Center for College and University Admissions. NRCCUA is a membership organization which links colleges and universities to students through a career planning program, according to NRCCUA’s website. 

NRCCUA also provides data analysis tools to colleges and universities which attempt to aid recruitment efforts. 

“I first worked with NRCCUA early in my career when I was with the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, collaborating with them to conduct research on the use of geo-demography to increase diversity in the academic programs administered by the Council for the U.S. Congress,” Flagel wrote. 

After he departed from the Congressional Youth Leadership Council in 1997, he worked for the University of Michigan, and George Mason University. 

Flagel then returned to the NRCCUA. From March 2010 to March 2013, he worked as an editor and content provider for, the career planning program offered by NRCCUA. 

During this time he helped to research college and university enrollment trends and published editorials relating to college admissions, according to his LinkedIn resumé.

Flagel began his tenure at Brandeis in August 2011. His role as the senior vice president for students and enrollment at Brandeis puts the offices of Admissions, Community Living, Athletics, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, the Hiatt Career Center, the Health Center, the Interfaith Chaplaincy, the Intercultural Center and Student Activities under his supervision, according to the University website. 

Now the reporting structure for these departments has been reorganized to “streamline operations, increase accountability and align administrative responsibilities with authority in a way intended to support our students,” Liebowitz wrote in the email. The Admissions office will report to Dean of Arts and Science Susan Birren, who is planning to depart from the University. The Dean of Students, Community Living, Athletics, the Hiatt Career Center, the Health Center and Student Activities, under Vice President for Student Affairs Sheryl Sousa ’90 will report to Provost Lisa Lynch. 

“I have no doubt our exceptional team members will continue to do everything possible to support the mission of this wonderful university under any organizational structure,” Flagel wrote. 

In his email, Liebowitz expressed his gratitude for Flagel’s years of service to the school and wished him luck in his future endeavors. 

—Kirby Kochanowski