This week, justArts spoke with Tres Fimmano ’18 who is the president of the Undergraduate Theater Collective.

justArts: What’s your background in the Undergraduate Theater Collective? How did you get involved?

Tres Fimmano: I started as a first-semester freshman. I was an assistant stage manager for a show by the club Tympanium Euphorium for “Spring Awakening.” … Then it all just started to build up from there. I wanted to get involved the next semester, so I did a little bit more, and the next one I did a little bit more, and here I am now.

JA: What’s new about UTC this year?

TF: So many things are new about UTC this year. One of the biggest ones is that the clubs that used to make up the Undergraduate Theater Collective have now become one club, which streamlines all the shows so that they are all being worked on with equal attention. … The e-board is now expanded and a lot bigger so that we can have people focusing on things with more attention. … Things like that.

JA: What are your goals for the UTC this year?

TF: My first goal is to make sure that this transition into the new e-board and the new structure goes not only as smoothly as possible, but also allows us to be a more productive and more welcoming club. … In addition to that, I hope that ... it’s going to allow us to do things we might not have done before, ... that we’re able to experiment a little and take more risks.

JA: What are you most excited about this year in the UTC?

TF: I’m very excited to be working with this e-board right now; I know that everyone that’s involved got involved because they were excited about everything that we’re doing that’s new, and that’s really exciting for me. ... I’m also very excited to see what new opportunities we’re able to afford ourselves because of this new system.

JA: What makes the UTC important to Brandeis?

TF: I think one of the central purposes of the UTC is making theater not only accessible to students but open to all students. ... If a student wants to be a carpenter, they can be the carpenter for an entire show; if a student wants to act, then there will be a role for them. That’s something that’s very unique.

JA: If you could see the UTC take on any production which would it be?

TF: There are so many shows I would love to see us do. I’m particularly big on musicals. Some of the ones that are my favorites I don’t think I foresee happening within the next few years: things like “Jesus Christ, Superstar,” “Hamilton,” of course; everyone loves “Hamilton.” Of course, I’m not going to throw out the idea that those could ever happen, but it’ll take some time, probably.

—Carmi Rothberg