The Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund released the results of final proposals for funding for the 2017 to 2018 academic calendar in an email to the student body on Friday. 

CEEF, which consists of a $100,000 annual spending budget and a $150,000 emergency reserve, services student life on campus, as well as student-led initiatives that enhance the University community. The Student Union website states that these initiatives must have long-term impact and campus-wide benefit to the community. 

According to the email, the funds were allotted to eight major projects in five areas — social life, sustainability, arts and culture, academics and community building. These projects were selected from an initial pool of 19 grant applications, according to CEEF committee member and Class of 2019 Senator Kate Kesselman.

For a renovation of Cholmondeley’s Coffee House, SoJin Chon ’17 and Ethan Seletsky ’17 were allotted approximately $30,000 for the Chum’s Revitalization Project. The project seeks to renew the interior of the space for student gatherings and nightlife. 

The Brandeis Library Council was allotted approximated $7,500 for the installation of modern water fountains in Goldfarb Library, an initiative to save water and energy and provide students more accessibility points. These fountains would replace the library’s current porcelain water fountains, allowing for increased efficiency, according to Kesselman. The council was also allotted $5,000 for a second project to offer standing desks at the library, to increase working space and support healthier lifestyle choices. 

The DeisBikes club was allotted approximately $2,000 to maintain the Dero Fixit public bike pumps and to add another installation in front of Feldberg building. 

In an initiative to expand public art on campus, artist Alexander Golob was allotted approximately $5,000 to develop a community event and permanent site-specific piece of art. 

Pedro Bobrow ’20 was allotted approximately $13,000 to develop the University Textbook Exchange, a service that will allow students to borrow and trade in textbooks based on a points system. The funds for this initiative would be allocated mainly toward building and maintaining a  project website, said Kesselman.

To support the Stein as a space for student performance, approximately $2,400 was allotted to provide the campus space with new sound equipment. 

For the renovation of first-year quad lounges, Allocations Board Representative Andrew Figueora ’19 and Massell Quad Senator Aaron Finkel ’20 were allotted approximately $20,000 for the renewal of furniture and kitchen spaces in Shapiro and Polaris lounges. 

Chaired by four members who represent the different branches of the Student Union, the CEEF 2016 to 2017 committee consists of Kesselman, Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees Wil Jones ’18, Allocations Board member Alexander Mitchell ’17 and Class of 2020 Senator Tal Richtman. 

—Michelle Dang and Carmi Rothberg