Support China’s 2022 Olympic bid

In response to your article “Deny Beijing 2022 Olympics bid on human rights violations” (March 24): 

I found your article ignorant of several points regarding China.

You write, “We shouldn’t allow China to host such an esteemed international event again. China will always be China.” I found this highly disturbing. 

To me, it suggests that China should never be given a chance to present its offerings to the world. Also, this line offensively places China in a lowly status, unworthy of international respect or acceptance. Although many countries claim China is alienating the world, the converse could be true too.

I particularly found issue with your paragraphs about Tibet. 

You refer to Tibet as a “country” that China invaded, even though Tibet (“Tibet Autonomous Region”) has been a part of China for centuries. Moreover, your article portrays China as an evil bent on destroying Tibetans’ livelihood, though the truth is China has greatly improved their livelihood. 

During the fifties, average life expectancy in Tibet was in the mid thirties, and illiteracy was rampant. Today, average life expectancy there is 67, and students have bilingual Tibetan and Han Chinese education (Tibetan language is not stifled; I have been to Tibet, and no one was forced to speak Mandarin). China has also invested in monastery restoration and Tibetan culture preservation. Therefore, I strongly disagree that “China’s government is so bent on breaking down Tibet’s [peace and collaboration].” 

You conclude with “[t]he purpose of the Olympics is to promote global collaboration, peace and a sharing of culture.” China seeks these goals. The motto for the Beijing Olympics was “One World, One Dream.” I will not say China is perfect. Unfortunately, if the world does not give China a chance, it is not promoting these goals itself. Instead, it is turning away more than 1.3 billion people who may feel betrayed at being barred from showing China to the world. 

——Jassen Lu ’15