The world as we know it ended this week for teenagers, college students and even 20-somethings. Zayn Malik left One Direction. Created by Simon Cowell for X-Factor in 2010, One Direction’s popularity followed in the footsteps of such groups as NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and the Jonas Brothers. The world was drawn to five attractive British boys singing together about what makes girls beautiful. It took Malik five years to realize that he didn’t enjoy being in the band and thus he decided to break up with the band’s other members, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. However, the four remaining band members will continue to break the hearts of young girls. I was never a “Directioner;” however, I know how all those girls feel. Growing up in the early 2000s, I loved NSYNC, as well as actor/singer Zac Efron. When NSYNC called it quits, I didn’t really understand their breakup because I was so young. However, as evidenced by the wondrous glory that is Justin Timberlake, break ups are not always bad in the end. Look at the Beatles. Even though legend has it that Yoko Ono broke them up, Paul McCartney went solo with his band the Wings and produced wonderful albums such as “Band On the Run.” McCartney is still rocking today with Rhianna and Kanye in their song “FourFiveSeconds.” One little-known fact is that without the break up of the Beatles, John Lennon might have never released his best known song, “Imagine,” which never ceases to make the world cry.

Zayn’s departure from One Direction reminded me of a breakup that occurred last year—that of the Jonas Brothers. Those three brothers took us to the “Year 3000” and “Look[ed] [Us] In the Eyes” and “Burn[ed] Up” our hearts for our middle school years until they decided to stop playing music together. Like One Direction, the Jonas Brothers were at the peak of teenage hormones in the mid 2000s. They released the first concert film in 3D with Miley Cyrus way before Justin Bieber, One Direction and Katy Perry released their own versions (I actually went to that concert live in sixth grade). The brothers had their own TV show and Disney Channel original movie, Camp Rock. The Jonas Brothers reunited in 2012 for a comeback tour, which reignited my middle school feelings. However, they ultimately split in 2013.

One reason that I wasn’t devastated when I found out another chapter from my childhood was coming to an end was Nick Jonas. Nick first went solo with his band Nick Jonas and the Administration in 2010. In 2014, Nick came back stronger than ever with a song that continuously plays in Einstein Bros Bagels and in my head, “Jealous.” Nick also appeared in the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert, dated Miley Cyrus (#tbt) and, this past Saturday night (March 28), hosted the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Nick is definitely the cutest and most widely recognized Jonas Brother. But let’s not forget about Joe. Joe dated Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. He also released a solo album in 2011. Then there is Kevin, whose short lived E! reality show, Married to Jonas, contributed absolutely nothing to entertainment.

Boy bands are common in American culture. I wonder who will break up next.