Due to rising concerns about the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists on campus, Public Safety has installed portable speed bumps on Loop Road near the crosswalks at the Psychological Counseling Center and Spingold Theater.

“This semester I received many more complaints of speeding vehicles on campus and pedestri-ans and bicyclists who raised concerns about their safety,” wrote Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan in an email to the Justice.

According to Parking Office Manager Donna Cottens, the Department of Public Safety recorded 12 speeding citations within the past 12 months.

“I think that cars go way too quickly through campus. I’m sure I’m not the only one who fears for my life just when trying to cross the street,” said Molly Marcus ’18 in an interview with the Justice.

Speeding on South Street has been an ongoing issue for the past several years. Callahan stated that Waltham Police officers have given out 20 to 40 citations per day to speeding cars on South Street. Incidents such as a speeding accident involving alumnus Mary Cate Brower in 2010 caused Callahan to demand that Waltham Police officers be stationed at the crosswalk by the Foster Mods and Gosman Sports and Convocation Center at that time.

Callahan explained that “the success of the speed bumps will be measured by assigning officers to monitor the locations where speed bumps will be deployed as well as other high traffic loca-tions.” He stressed that Public Safety is committed to strictly enforcing the 15 mile per hour speed limit on Loop Road.

Callahan announced that the installation of these speed bumps is part of a pilot road-safety pro-gram, and that, depending on the measured success, Public Safety may install additional speed bumps in the future.

Although he anticipates that the newly installed speed bumps will decrease the incidence of speeding-related accidents on campus, Callahan reminded bicyclists and pedestrians to also do their part by looking both ways before crossing the street, being aware of their surroundings and using designated crosswalks.