On Sunday night, the Senate convened for its second meeting of the semester to continue the process of recognizing and chartering clubs, listening to updates on committee initiatives and addressing concerns related to the vice presidential election.

The Senate approved the Brandeis Republicans' request to update their constitution and change their name to the Brandeis Conservatives. 

The Senate then met with representatives seeking charter for the Brandeis Traditional Music Club, which aims to introduce and showcase instruments from around the world through performance. After a brief discussion about the logistics of procuring the instruments, the Senate voted in favor of the charter.

The Food Allergy and Digestive Disorder Association spoke before the Senate seeking recognition. The group aims to spread awareness about issues relating to allergies and dietary restrictions and disorders, as well as create a support network for those affected. The Senate granted recognition.

Members from the Health and Fitness Club returned before the Senate asking to be chartered, after getting approved by the Senate for a name change last week. The club hopes to bring a certified personal trainer to lead training sessions on fitness and proper nutrition. The Senate granted the club charter after discussing how the club would provide a service not yet offered through current fitness classes. 

Next, members of the Senate addressed questions regarding the Student Union vice presidential election following the recent resignation of Sofia Mühlmann ’16 and sought to clarify the constitutionality of vice presidential candidate and then-current Student Union Secretary Charlotte Franco’s ’15 candidacy. Senators expressed concerns over the immediate need for a special election if Franco wins the election. Franco was the sole candidate running for the position she previously held in the 2014-2015 year. After reviewing the constitution, senators agreed that there is no requirement to resign prior to running for another position and affirmed that Franco’s candidacy was constitutional. In response to inquiries over holding another informational meeting for those interested in running for vice president, Senator-at-Large Naomi DePina ’16 said that it was unlikely there will be another meeting, as it would delay the elections, and she reiterated the need to fill the position.

The Senate closed the meeting by hearing brief reports from Committee Chair leaders reporting on initiatives to look forward to. Sustainability Committee Chair Anna Bessendorf ’15 announced the upcoming State of Sustainability address and the Sustainability Fair on April 21. Club Support Committee Chair David Herbstritt ’17 announced the first club forum and open house for club leaders happening this Friday in Levine-Ross. Dining Committee Chair Ben Margolin ’17 said the committee will be looking to fill non-Senate positions.

There were no Senate reports for this week.

-Dora Chi