On Thursday, Michael Corn, deputy chief information officer of Brandeis Library and Technology Services, announced via email that two new online services—Box and Gartner—are available to students and faculty members. 

In his email to the Brandeis community, Corn wrote that the decision to make the additions came from recognition of the fact that “research is powered by the twin engines of collaboration and information.”

Box, according to Corn, is a new, highly secure solution to storing valuable student information. Corn specified in his email 10 “key functions” of Box, including the ability to encrypt content while it’s both in the system and in transit. Box also provides mobile access to users.

“By default, Box is configured in its most secure form,” Corn said in an interview with the Justice. “It’s a highly secure file sharing service for the institution that I highly recommend to anyone in the Brandeis community working with sensitive documents.”

Corn also added that there is a completely accessible interface called a.box.com that allows those with visual disabilities or those who need to use keystrokes to fully access the site.

Gartner, according to Corn’s community email, is a “respected and widely known international information technology research and advisory company.” As Corn explained in the email, LTS has now made it possible to access their library of technology-related research. Corn also said that the new service should be a valuable resource for professors and business students.

“Anyone studying a type of technology should find it useful,” Corn said of Gartner. “You name it, they’ve  got it.”

Box can be accessed at brandeis.box.com, and the Gartner library can be found at gartner.brandeis.edu.