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The University has entered into a partnership with the Penn Club, an alumni club in Manhattan, to serve as a “home away from home” for its New York alumni, wrote Vice President for Alumni Relations Patsy Fisher in an email to the Justice. Brandeis first announced the affiliation in an article on the “Brandeis Alumni” page on Nov. 24. 

This announcement came two months after the University put Brandeis House, the former alumni center in New York, on the market, citing its inconvenient location on the Upper East Side and its small size as reasons for the sale, as the purpose of the House was to host many alumni and large events.

The Penn Club is the New York alumni club owned by the University of Pennsylvania, though, according to Fisher, it is common for New York-based university clubs to offer affiliate memberships to other universities. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Vanderbilt University have similar agreements at the Penn Club, Fisher wrote in an email to the Justice. 

“A partnership with the Penn Club allows us to accommodate our growing alumni community by offering a convenient location in New York City’s Midtown for Brandeis to host events and professional gatherings,” Fisher wrote in an email to the Justice. 

Fisher wrote that while many of the New York area alumni events will be held at the Penn Club, some will be held in other locations, depending on the expected size of the event. 

In addition to allowing Brandeis to host events at the Penn Club, the partnership will give alumni the option of joining the club as affiliate members. This would provide them with access to the Penn Club’s dining rooms, fitness center and massage room, meeting spaces, banquet facilities, overnight guest rooms, living-room library and business center, as well as access to more than 150 reciprocal city and country clubs around the world that offer similar benefits.

“We see our partnership at the Penn Club as a true service to our alumni, it underscores our commitment to this vibrant and important group, and we expect that many alumni will take advantage and become members,” Fisher wrote.

A previous version of this article misidentified Patsy Fisher as Patty Fisher.