•  A News article failed to identify Rabbi David Pardo as the co-director of the Heshe and Harriet Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus. (Nov. 25, pg. 1)
  • A News article initially stated incorrectly that the Department of Education document titled “Questions and Answers on Title IX and Sexual Violence” was published in April 2014. It was, in fact, published in April 2011. (Nov. 25, pg. 1) 
  • An editorial misidentified the donor for the new Hassenfeld Innovation Center at the International Business School as Henry Hassenfeld. The donor is, in fact, Alan Hassenfeld. Henry Hassenfeld, not Alan Hassenfeld, is one of the founding donors of the University. Alan Hassenfeld is also the grandson, not great-grandson, of Henry Hassenfeld. (Nov. 25, pg. 10)
  • The Brandeis Talks piece incorrectly quoted Becky Israel ’17. Her answer was actually as follows: “My family and I don’t have any unique traditions.” The quotation provided, stating, “We have six course dinners.  That’s one thing that’s strange about us I think.  We go and we’ll eat, right?  ... But this year we’re also going to look at each other in the eyes for like a minute straight when we do cheers and it’s going to be really creepy,” was actually that of Francesca DiLapi ’18. (Nov. 25, pg. 24)

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