Medical Emergency

Nov. 2—A male in Massell Quad reportedly injured himself. Cataldo Ambulance, BEMCo, University Police and the community development coordinator were dispatched to the scene. The party was treated and transported to Newton-Wellesely Hospital for further care. Officials from the Psychological Counseling Center were notified.

Nov. 2—A student in Charles River Apartments reported that his roommate was complaining of dizziness and was not very alert. BEMCo and University Police responded to the scene and requested Cataldo Ambulance. The patient, who had had an anxiety attack, refused to be transported for further care.

Nov. 5—University Police and BEMCo responded to a report of a student having a panic attack in the Physics building. BEMCo staff treated the party on-scene with a signed refusal for further care.

Nov. 6—Staff at Mailman House requested transport to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for a party to undergo a voluntary psychiatric evaluation. Cataldo Ambulance transported the party without incident, and University Police assisted at the scene.

Nov. 7—A community advisor in Massell Quad called to report that a student was dehydrated and asked that BEMCo check on him. BEMCo requested Cataldo Ambulance, which transported the student to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. The CDC was notified.

Nov. 8—University Police and BEMCo responded to a report that a student in Massell Quad accidentally struck her head against a wall. The party was treated on-scene with a signed refusal for further care.

Nov. 8—A party reported that there was an intoxicated, semi-conscious male in the basement area of Reitman Hall. University Police and BEMCo responded. BEMco staff treated the party, who was then transported to Newton-Wellesley Hospital by a Weston Fire Department ambulance. The CDC was notfied.

Nov. 8—A BEMCo staff member on standby reported a semi-conscious intoxicated female at the Library Party. University Police assisted, and Cataldo ambulance transported the individual to Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

Nov. 9—The manager of the Stein reported that a large group of intoxicated students coming from the Library Party had entered the establishment and were causing a disturbance. University Police arrived and dispersed the group without incident.


Nov. 7—A caller reported hearing a female scream in the area of the Charles River Apartments. Police checked the area, which they found clear of any individuals upon arrival.

Nov. 9—The CDC in East Quad reported that several intoxicated people were tipping over a table and causing a disturbance. The parties were gone upon police arrival, and there was no apparent damage to University property.

Nov. 9—Police received a complaint of a group of intoxicated individuals causing a disturbance in the area of the Foster Mods. University Police dispersed the group without incident.


Nov. 4—A student in Goldfarb Library reported that another student was acting oddly, and she was concerned. The CDC on call was at the scene. University Police requested Cataldo ambulance for a voluntary psychiatric transport to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Cataldo transported the party without further incident.

Nov. 6—A staff member at the Abraham Shapiro Academic Center reported that an unfamiliar male party was studying in the building, and requested that police check on him. University Police identified the individual as a graduate student.

—compiled by Tate Herbert