Medical Emergency

Oct. 27—A caller reported that a party had collapsed at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management due to severe abdominal pain. The party was conscious and alert but complained of nausea. BEMCo cleared the scene with a signed refusal for further care.

Oct. 31—Police received a report of a female party having a seizure in the Usdan Student Center. Police and BEMCo responded to the scene and requested Cataldo ambulance to transport the party to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for further care.

Nov. 1—University Police attempted to locate an intoxicated male in the Village after receiving a call from Waltham dispatch relaying information from a 911 call. BEMCo and Cataldo Ambulance responded to the scene. Cataldo transported the patient to Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and the student’s community development coordinator was notified.

Nov. 2—BEMCo reported having treated two intoxicated individuals in North Quad, for one of whom staff requested Cataldo Ambulance. Cataldo and Waltham Fire Department responded to the scene, and Cataldo transported the student to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. The second individual refused medical treatment. University Police assisted at the scene.


Oct. 28—The University president’s executive assistant reported the theft of a bird ornament from the top of a patio set in the President’s Garden. University Police compiled a report on the theft.


Oct. 27—A custodial supervisor reported to police that one of his workers had identified a suspicious person in the Usdan Student Center. The person had reportedly been in the area for several hours.

University Police responded and arrested Nicholas C. Grant, 34, for trespassing and possession of a Class-B substance. Officers transported Grant to the Waltham Police Department for booking without incident.


Nov. 2—A reporting party stated that there was a possible odor of marijuana seeping through the walls of her room in Rosenthal South. She was unable to discern whether it was coming from above or below her room and requested that University Police investigate. Officers checked the building’s stairwell and were unable to detect the odor of marijuana.


Oct. 29—A party reported sighting a male wearing a ski mask, a black jacket and blue jeans, about 5’ 4” tall and of a thin build, at the Science complex. University Police searched the area and the surrounding grounds and were unable to locate a person matching the description.

Oct. 29—A student called to report a verbal argument taking place between a group of six or seven students on North Road, between Cable Hall and Reitman Hall. University Police checked the area, as well as the interior of Reitman Hall, and found no one.

Nov. 1—A caller reported a male party wandering a third floor hall in the Village wearing a hospital gown with a hospital bracelet on his wrist. University Police checked the building in question and were unable to locate the party.

—compiled by Tate Herbert