After relocating from the Shapiro Campus Center to Olin-Sang 101 and then to Olin-Sang 116, the weekly Senate meeting started off with an announcement from Senator-at-Large Naomi DePina ’16 that it would be kept informal in order to keep discussion as productive as possible.

The Senate spent about 10 to 15 minutes talking about expectations for senators. DePina was bothered by the fact that some senators had been leaving early. Though she made it clear that she understood that people had other obligations, she firmly insisted that people should “try to block off Sunday nights for Senate and homework. … You ran for this position; your constituents elected you; it should be very important.”

The rest of the meeting was comprised of reports and questions from each of the senators who were present.

Senator-at-Large Brian Huff ’17 suggested putting more lights in the area behind the Gerstenzang Science Library and the Brown Social Science Center to improve safety for students. Another senator added that lighting around the Goldman-Schwartz Art Studio would be beneficial.

A number of senators mentioned that they were working on the Midnight Buffet that will take place later this semester.

Class of 2018 Senator Skye Golann talked about his investigations into Hoot Market prices, which involved comparing the items at the Hoot Market with similar items at Hannaford’s. Golann said that Hoot Market items were frequently priced 70 to 100 percent above identical items at Hannaford’s.

Golann also said he felt that the police response to the Library Party was “extremely inappropriate.” He reported hearing police officers around the Goldfarb Library speaking harshly to partygoers and threatening them with jail sentences if they did not return to their rooms. DePina responded that she would email Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan and ask him to discuss this further with the police officers.

After the meeting, the Senate voted unanimously in favor of an executive session.