Medical Emergency

Oct. 6—A student in Gordon Hall reportedly hurt her neck after “tumbling.” A head injury also may have resulted. University Police and BEMCo responded, and Cataldo Ambulance transported the party to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. The community development coordinator was notified of the incident.

Oct. 12—A party in Shapiro Hall stated that she was breaking out in hives all over her body and requested BEMCo. She had no known allergies, and her breathing was normal at the time. BEMCo treated the party on-scene with a signed refusal for further care.


Oct. 9—Residents of Usen Castle reported experiencing an attempted breaking and entering while they were occupying the room the previous day. University Police compiled a report on the incident.


Oct. 11—A community advisor reported that he broke up a party in Ridgewood B and that there was a large group of people outside the building. University Police checked the area and found a group of about 20 people outside. There was no breach of the peace, and no further action was taken by University Police.


Oct. 11—A party in Ziv Quad called to report a problem with his roommate who had been smoking marijuana in his room for three days. University Police notified the CDC who handled the incident with officers on standby.


Oct. 6—A staff member reported two male individuals were lighting unknown objects on fire in North Quad Lot. University Police found that the students were lighting a memorial to a deceased family member, which, according to one of the students, is a cultural tradition. The memorial was contained and extinguished on its own. University Police took no further action.

Oct. 6—A caller reported that a suspicious-looking person was looking into various cars in Theater Lot.

The suspicious person was reported to be a male in his early twenties, wearing blue jeans, a fleece zip-up jacket and black-rimmed glasses. The caller stated that when he spotted the male, the male seemed to “stare him down.” University Police checked the area and spoke to several people there, but no one matching the description was found.

Oct. 10—A staff member reported that a female was sitting in a parking space in Tower Lot. University Police found the individual, a student, who stated that she was meditating and that she would be in the spot until 12:01 p.m. The student reported that she could only meditate in that exact place. University Police took no further action.

Oct. 11—University Police received a report of four student-aged people “running around” inside Mandel Center for the Humanities, at around 2:30 a.m. Police discovered four Brandeis students looking for a place to study and advised them to go to the Shapiro Campus Center. The students had entered the building through a door left ajar in Olin Sang.

Oct. 12—University Police discovered a white Toyota Camry with Massachusetts plates parked in the softball field area. Officers placed the vehicle’s owner, Jasper Grassa, 23, in protective custody due to alcohol intoxication and transported him to the Waltham Police station. Ramsey’s Towing towed the vehicle. Police compiled a report on the incident.

—Compiled by Tate Herbert