On Sunday, the Student Union Senate held its weekly meeting.

Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees Mohamed Sidique and Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees Grady Ward addressed the Senate and said that Wednesday and Thursday, they will be attending their first meeting with the Board of Trustees. They told the Senate that, for this meeting, they are planning to observe and “see how [the Board] works.”

However, at future meetings, the two representatives said they are prepared to take large-scale issues from the Senate to the Board, including housing, dining and other issues that are beyond the scope of the Senate’s jurisdiction.

One of the long-term issues Ward said that he was particularly involved in was making sure there is appropriate professor compensation in comparison to schools similar to Brandeis. He said that, according to his own involvement with the Academic Peers Committee, “we are slipping in regards of our professor compensation,” which he noted could cause issues in the future.

Brian Hough ’17, a senator-at-large and representative on the Ways and Means Committee, said that he and the representatives to the Board of Trustees had discussed placing boxes around on campus where people can anonymously submit their thoughts on particular aspects of the University.

Next, the Senate swore in one of their new members, the Foster Mods Senator Kira Setren ’15. The newly elected senator for the Village Resident Quad, Shereen Undavia ’17, was not present at the meeting.

Then, the Senate turned to two clubs that sought recognition. The first club to present was a new a cappella group called No Singer Left Behind.

The club plans to be an all-inclusive a cappella group that will have no limitations on the number of members. Although there will be auditions, these auditions are to act purely as evaluations to find each member’s range.

The Senate voted unanimously to recognize the club.

The next club that sought both recognition and chartering was the club basketball team. This club would act as an intermediary step between intramural basketball and the varsity team and would allow interested parties of all genders to play full-scale basketball games and improve their skills.

The club also planned to create a team that would compete with similar club teams from schools in the surrounding area.

The Senate passed both the vote to recognize and charter the club unanimously.

Student Union Vice President Sofía Mühlmann ’16 said that a roundtable with the administration will take place on Nov. 5. A Night with the Deans will take place on Nov. 11 and will act as an informal mixer with the deans of the University.

Mühlmann said that the Student Union website will be updated and will include a newsfeed of everything that is happening in the Senate, as well as all of the committees.

Class of 2017 Senator and Chair of the Dining Committee Ben Margolin announced that the Committee is planning a dining forum so that the roundtable with the administration won’t be dominated by dining issues.

Class of 2015 Senator and Chair of the Sustainability Committee Senator Anna Bessendorf announced that the deadline for submitting proposals to the Brandeis Sustainability Fund will be Nov. 10. Bessendorf also said that the Sustainability Committee is also searching for a non-senate co-chair.

—Kathryn Brody