The Student Union Senate convened on Sunday to discuss matters related to clubs that have not filled out the University’s anti-hazing policy form. After discussion, the Union voted to derecognize and decharter all clubs that have not filled out the form this semester. The Senate was concerned that it was financially supporting inactive clubs. Clubs will have a semester to reapply for recognition and charter.

The Student Union’s Services and Outreach committees updated the Senate on the status of bus reservations for Turkey Shuttles to take students back to the New York area over Thanksgiving break. The service will be using Joseph’s Transportation. The committee noted the progress of the shuttles to Logan Airport and South Station, though that service is run though Volunteer Vacations. The committee also proposed putting a whiteboard in the Shapiro Campus Center atrium to update the student body on the Student Union’s recent activity.

Student Union Secretary Charlotte Franco ’15 announced that there will be a round table discussion on Wednesday, Nov. 5 in Sherman Function Hall with administrators to discuss issues relevant to students on campus, including sexual assault. There will be a Dean’s Night on Tuesday, Nov. 11 with all of the deans of the University from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in Ridgewood Commons. The event is open to the entire Brandeis community, and students will be able to ask questions of the deans.