The Senate convened this past Sunday and Sunday, Sept. 28 to recognize clubs and discuss several topics, such as committee formation.

This week, the Senate acknowledged that of the 40 clubs that had not submitted anti-hazing forms this semester, only five have submitted them since the last warning. Without submission of the forms, these 35 clubs will be de-chartered. The Senate decided to extend the deadline until Oct. 15, at which point in time clubs that still have not sent in their anti-hazing forms will be de-chartered.

Office hours, held in the Student Union office, will begin this week. Each senator will be required to hold three office hours per week.

Committee chairs are beginning to interview students who are not on the Senate and are interested in sitting on each of the Senate committees. Up to two non-Senate members are allowed to sit on any given committee, as mentioned at the Senate meeting. These interviews will be completed within the next two weeks.

The Senate then heard updates regarding campus transportation. Beginning Oct. 5, the 4:45 p.m. campus BranVan will be canceled. Instead, two BranVans will leave at 5 p.m., thereby accommodating the many students who take the BranVan home after classes end at 4:50 p.m.

Additionally, updates were given regarding the Brandeis Sustainability Fund, which, despite experiencing setbacks due to the lack of a coordinator, still plans to push back Brandeis Sustainability Fund proposal deadlines in order to increase the number of students who are able to participate.

On Sept. 28, Student Union President Sneha Walia ’15 swore in the new senators to begin the meeting, including Ziv Quad senator Dor Cohen’16, Ridgewood Quad senator Brad Burns ’15, Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program senator Ruth Messele and Class of 2016 senator Meher Irani. Class of 2018 senator Skye Golann was also sworn in, although he was elected in the first round.

Walia then introduced Chief of Staff Flora Wang ’15 to the Senate and made several announcements.

Senators who missed the retreat, at which senators received a required bystander intervention training for the first year ever, were told that they had to complete a make-up.

Walia also announced that the Senate must choose two representatives to be a part of the Community Enhancement Fund committee. In addition, now that there are mailboxes where the Student Union bulletin board was previously, Walia noted that the Union is working to find a new space for the board.

Baseball Club approached the Senate to seek recognition. The club is for students interested in playing baseball in an organized fashion.

According to the students presenting on behalf of the club, Baseball Club cannot seek Club Sports status because there is a varsity baseball team. The Senate unanimously recognized the club.

The club also sought charter to cover expenses such as equipment, umpire fees and costs to reserve space. The Senate approved the charter with 13 in favor and one abstention.

The Brandeis Traditional Music Club then approached the Senate to seek recognition. The goal of the club is to provide a platform for arranging music from different countries and traditions and to play these pieces as an ensemble. BTMC was recognized with 12 senators in favor, one abstention and one against.

—Marissa Ditkowsky and Morgan Brill