Medical Emergency

Sept. 16—A faculty member in the Sachar International Center requested BEMCo to evaluate a female student who had fainted in his class. The student was conscious and alert at the time of the call. BEMCo treated the student, and she refused further medical treatment.

Sept. 17—A student was transported via ambulance from Mailman House for a voluntary psychological evaluation at the request of Psychological Counseling Center staff. University Police assisted, and the party was transported without incident.

Sept. 20—University Police received a report of an unresponsive female in Gordon Hall. University Police and BEMCo responded. BEMCo treated the party on the scene, and she was then transported by Weston Ambulance to the hospital for further treatment for alcohol intoxication.

Sept. 20—Four students from Rosenthal South complained that they had been adversely affected by a dry chemical fire extinguisher. BEMCo staff treated the parties on-scene with a signed refusal for further care.


Sept. 16—The Office of the President received a prank phone call. University Police documented the incident in a report.


Sept. 14—University Police received a call from a community development coordinator reporting that a group of students had set off fireworks in the middle of North Quad. The CDC could not identify any individuals. University Police checked the area, which was all quiet upon their arrival.

Sept. 19—A community advisor in East Quad reported hearing fireworks outside, somewhere near campus. University Police checked the area and were unable to locate the source of the noise. The area was quiet.

Sept. 19—A CA in Cable Hall reported fireworks going off in the area. After speaking to the reporting party, a University Police officer determined that the fireworks were heard near Tower Lot. A check of Tower Lot revealed no sign of fireworks being set off.


Sept. 15—A party reported seeing an old man exiting the woods near East Quad, getting into a small green car, which was parked at the top of the hill in front of the quad, and driving away. The man was gone upon arrival of University Police.

Sept. 17—University Police notified the heating, ventilation and air conditioning staff of a call received about a bird in an air vent in Ziv Quad.

Sept. 18—University facilities staff called to report a suspicious male in Theater Lot near Ziv Quad. University Police officers spoke with the reporting party and checked the area. No one fitting the description was found.

Sept. 19—University Police assisted Waltham Police with a motor vehicle accident on South Street in front of the Epstein Building. No injuries were reported, and Waltham Police compiled an incident report.

Sept. 19—A party called to report that a black male carrying packages was muttering to himself in Admissions Lot. The complainant stated that she believed he had no connection to the University and that she felt uncomfortable. University Police checked the area, and were unable to locate the man.

Sept. 20—University Police arrested Eduardo Hernandez, 44, on an active warrant, and transported him to the Waltham Police station for booking. University Police were notified by Waltham Police through a GPS ankle bracelet activation that Hernandez was on University property.

—Compiled by Tate Herbert