Medical Emergency

July 19—University Police requested an ambulance for a voluntary psychiatric transport to the hospital from the Faculty Center Lodge. The Psychological Counseling Center notified Newton-Wellesley Hospital and the party was transported without incident.

Aug. 15—A party with a nosebleed was transported to urgent care at the request of BEMCo.

Sex Crimes

July 19—A resident in the Village reported an assault to University Police, who compiled a report to prepare for the ensuing investigation.


May 21—A party reported a theft from a locked locker in the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center. University Police compiled a report of the incident.

May 23—A party reported that her iPhone was stolen from the Intercultural Center. University Police compiled a report.

July 23—A party reported that one of his students’ clarinets was missing from an unattended common area in Slosberg Music Center. University Police compiled a report on the incident.

July 24—A manager in Sherman Dining Hall reported a theft of money from one of her employees. University Police compiled a report on the theft.

Aug. 7—A party reported that the door to his Bobcat heavy equipment machine was stolen while he was parked in the rear of the Epstein Parking Lot. University Police compiled a report and reviewed CCTV footage with a negative result on a possible suspect.


July 12—A party reported that his girlfriend was the victim of verbal harassment by some high school sports campers who had since departed campus. University Police compiled a report. 


May 21—A party reported that 10 rat pups valued at $200 were missing from in the Foster Biomedical Labs. University Police compiled a report on the theft.

May 21—A caller reported a baby raccoon outside of the Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center, concerned that it may have been orphaned. The raccoon was removed by Waltham Animal Control and taken to the veterinarian to be rehydrated. 

July 7—A woman was found taking pictures in the Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center. University Police identified the woman as a Brandeis employee.

July 29—The burglar alarm went off at the Campus Bookstore in the Shapiro Campus Center. The alarm company called to say that a manager had set it off by accident. University Police confirmed and no further action was taken.

Aug. 8—A staff member reported that someone may have entered her office through the exterior window and exited through the interior door, as when she left her office the window was closed and her door was locked. 

Nothing was reported missing. University Police compiled a report.

Aug. 12—A community development coordinator in the Village reported a possible lost black lab dog in the Village and Ziv quad area. Waltham Animal Control was notified. 

The dog exited through the fence in to the Cedarwood area.

Aug. 12—A party reported a hawk striking the window of the Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center. University Police located the hawk and it appeared uninjured.

Aug. 14—A party reported a large snapping turtle approaching on Chapels Field toward Rosenthal North. The turtle was relocated to wetlands.

—compiled by Hannah Wulkan