Medical Emergency

Aug. 24—A party in Deroy Hall with an ankle injury from the previous night requested BEMCo. BEMCo treated the party on scene, and University Police transported the student to Urgent Care for further treatment.

Aug. 24—University Police, BEMCo and Cataldo Ambulance responded to a party reportedly having an allergic reaction to citrus in the sports complex. The party was treated on-scene by emergency medical technicians and transported to Newton Wellesley hospital for further care.

Aug. 30—A party reported an intoxicated female outside the Foster Mods. BEMCo, the Waltham Fire Department and Cataldo ambulance all responded to the scene, where the party received treatment. Cataldo transported the patient to Newton Wellesley Hospital for further care.

Aug. 31—University Police and BEMCo responded to a report of an intoxicated, upset female at the Charles River Apartments. BEMCo requested an ambulance after attempting to treat the party, who was uncooperative. Cataldo Ambulance transported the party to Newton Wellesley Hospital for further care, and the Community Developement Coordinator on call was advised of the situation.

Sex Crimes

Aug. 27—University Police conferred with the CDC of East Quad regarding a past “peeping tom” incident. A report was compiled on the incident.


Aug. 28—University Police received a report of a stolen Blue Brandeis University banner from the top of the information booth at the main entrance to campus. University Police compiled a report on the theft.

Aug. 30—University Police compiled a report on a stolen painting which had been left unattended on Aug. 24th, from the hallway in Scheffres Hall.


Aug. 24—University Police received a call from a Waltham resident complaining about loud music coming from the Charles River Apartments on Angleside Road. After a check of the area, police found it to be quiet and deduced that the noise was coming from a scheduled sanctioned event with loud music on the Great Lawn. The event was scheduled to end at 11 p.m. No further action was taken by the University Police.

Aug. 27—Following a complaint about loud music in the Foster Mods, University Police responded and observed over 200 people having a party both inside and outside the Mods. The CDC on call requested to respond as well. Upon arrival of police, the group dispersed without incident.

Aug. 31—University Police received a call that someone had tipped over benches and blocked the doorway to Shapiro Campus Center. Upon arrival, officers moved benches out of the way of the doors. There was no apparent damage to any University property.


Aug. 26—University Police on patrol observed a group of people attempting to lift the gate at the Village entrance to allow a vehicle to pass through. The gate then remained in the “up” position. Police located a student from Boston University who accepted responsibility for the incident and compiled a report.

Aug. 28—Community Living staff in Village A House reported that signs were being torn down in all the bathrooms in the area. University Police compiled a report on the incident.

—compiled by Tate Herbert