Over the past few weeks, students have expressed concerns regarding the service in the mailroom. Now, a new policy of delivering oversized packages into students’ rooms without any sort of notification has elicited many questions from the Brandeis community.

In an email to the members of the Brandeis community on Sept. 9 addressing initial concerns regarding mailroom service, Vice President of Operations Jim Gray wrote, “Crews have been working overnight every evening, and the lines are now much shorter and more manageable. … We realize there are still many challenges, and Xerox is incredibly committed to working closely with us to address these issues. “

There was no announcement made regarding the start of the new policy in which bulkier packages are delivered directly to students’ rooms, which Gray himself authorized.

In an interview with the Justice, mailroom manager Roshan Peiris and Director of University Services Dianne Qualter said that the administration, namely Gray, had decided that in lieu of students standing in line and then having to carry bulky and heavy boxes back to their dorms, it would be more effective to simply drop off packages at the students’ rooms.

When Peiris and Qualter were asked if they had received any complaints regarding this protocol, they responded that they had only received one regarding the entry directly into student rooms. They continued on to say that benefits of the system outweighed the validity of the complaint.

In an email to the Justice, Gray wrote, “One of the biggest problems we faced in the mailroom was overcrowding. We took several approaches in dealing with this, including some limited delivery of mostly larger bulky packages to student rooms by members of the Campus Operations staff. I myself authorized this action.”

He continued on to apologize for the unannounced entry into student rooms. “We did not contact students in advance about these deliveries, as doing so would have slowed and complicated the process to the point of making it largely ineffective,” he wrote.

Gray wrote that he will continue to focus his attention on ensuring that a “breakdown” in mail services does not occur again, and assured that he will not authorize this service again.

He proceeded to explain that this in-room service was something that the mailroom did this week only due to the overcrowding issue, “and I certainly hope will never be necessary again,” wrote Gray. “I made the decision during the period of serious overcrowding and long lines at the mail room window, I stopped it when the mail room situation was better and stabilizing.”