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Bagels Change Lives

Bagels have become ubiquitous in American Life, from Dunkin Donuts to the corner deli. They are so important in fact, that a wrong bagel order could carry serious consequences.

The Underground Barista

Ben LoCasio '20 sat down with the Justice to talk about how his passion for coffee fueled his first business venture-- Cafe Undergrounds. He has big plans for the Cafe this semester. 


Views on the News: FEMA Trouble

 Amid the relief efforts during Hurricane Florence, FEMA chief Brock Long is under criminal investigation for misuse of Homeland Security funds and equipment, as reported in a Sept. 18 Washington Post story. Despite spending most of his time fighting off investigation, Long continues to remain head of the relief operation, and the Trump administration shows no signs of replacing him. Should an official currently under investigation for misuse of funds be allowed to run an agency during a humanitarian crisis, and does Long’s conduct hamstring his agency's relief efforts in the Carolinas?  

Vaping could put teens on a path to lifelong addiction

 Smoking isn’t supposed to be attractive or glamorous. It is a life-threatening vice that turns into an addiction with continued use. Rebranding it to make it more cool or socially acceptable only gives teens the idea that it isn’t as detrimental — or obnoxious — as it actually is. Before we know it, the smoking rooms of the 1950s may soon be revived as vaping rooms.  

Carefully analyze how Kavanaugh situation unravels

 With this in mind, there should be little debate over the necessity of an investigation into the allegations. To delay the nomination is not ideal, but it would be infinitely worse to ignore them altogether and rush to confirm him, only to find out they were true later. Given that Supreme Court Justices serve for life, the last thing the Court needs is an undisputed sex criminal deciding the legal fate of this country for some 30-odd years. The Senate realizes this, and as of this writing, Dr. Ford has agreed to testify before the Judiciary Committee about the matter. An FBI investigation, which she also insisted upon, is likely to follow shortly 


Free Lunch Society

A new documentary asks an important question: What would happen if everyone in society was given a universal income?

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