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Pride without prejudice

On Friday, students across campus celebrated National Coming Out Day with Pride Deis. The event featured moments of reflection and celebration amid torrential rain. 

Life in a Suitcase: Christina

"Life in a Suitcase" is a series focused on sharing the stories of immigrant students, staff and faculty members at Brandeis, with the hope that it will encourage people to adopt a different perspective on a controversial issue.

Life in a Suitcase: Yakov

In this edition of the Justice's series on immigrants at Brandeis, we hear about Yakov, a Russian emigrant who has been employed at Brandeis since 1992.

Coding Community

Ghanim "just love[s] coding" and encourages women she knows to enter the field. It wasn't always dominated by men, and through organizations like Girls Who Code and Women in Computer Science, Ghanim hopes to help close the technology gender gap. 

Good OL Time

The Justice spoke with Orientation Leaders about what keeps them going and how they help shape our community. 

For the inbetweeners

Millennials are obsessed with avocado toast, complain about student loan debt and reminisce about the time that elementary school-aged children did not have social media addictions. Generation Z’s main sustenance is laundry detergent and they know thousands of Vines by heart. But what about the inbetweeners who do not identify with either?

Late Night Thoughts says goodbye to college life

Back at their home on Russell Street, Late Night Thoughts members Michael Harlow ’19 and Brian Rauch ’19 can be found writing lyrics for their next hit single. The pair often writes and rehearses in one of the common rooms, which they have equipped with a drum set, keyboard, bass, guitar and PA system. To them, music has always played an important part in their lives, but it wasn’t until coming to Brandeis that they strove to become professional musicians and became one of the most popular bands on campus. 

What's the tea?

On March 12, Moody St. gained an exciting new store: Kung Fu Tea. This store specializes in bubble tea, offering a wide variety of flavors and variations of the popular beverage. The bubble tea craze has recently dominated the beverage world of the United States. Popular restaurants, including the many Thai food locations scattered around the Waltham area, incorporate variations of this Taiwanese drink into menus, but those are often substandard compared to that of specialty shops. This new addition to the Waltham community has not disappointed the boba-fanatics of Brandeis.

Ballin' in Levin

From the “Cupid Shuffle” to “God’s Plan,” Levin Ballroom was filled with laughter, music and chatter on Saturday night. Attendees spent the night flitting between the dance floor, photo booth and chocolate fountains during the Eclipse Ball, the annual formal event organized by the Campus Activities Board. 

Behind the scenes

On April 4, Brandeis will present its third TEDx event at the Shapiro Campus Center Theater. According to TEDxBrandeisUniversity’s website, “A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with the community. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.” The content of all the TED talks will be different and independent of one another and will provide fresh perspectives on various topics. In an effort to expand on different ways of thinking, this year’s theme is “past perspectives, future minds.” This year’s speakers include Abeer Pamuk M.A.’22, Ben Greene ’21, Nakul Srinivas ’21, Shaquan McDowell ’18 and R Matthews ’19. 

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